RCA Kick-Off | May 2010

Alek has had an incredibly busy year. Spring semester (January – April) he finished up his Associates Degree at Utah State, finished his pre-requisites for the Recruit Candidate Academy at UVU (a.k.a. the RCA, a.k.a. the Fire Academy), got his EMT certification, lost 15 pounds training for the CPAT, passed the CPAT, and got into the Fire Academy. WHEW!

The RCA ran from May – August of this year, 5 nights a week from 5:30 PM – 10:30 PM. Oh, and that didn’t include an 1+ hour commute in each direction. At the beginning of the semester the recruits were told that they could miss class for three reasons: 1. Their wife was giving birth. 2. An immediate family member died. 3. They died.

So basically, Alek spent the entire summer at school, and even missed his sister Gab’s wedding. Alek is someone who is truly a seeker of knowledge and training, but it was still hard to give up an entire summer – weekdays to work, weeknights to school and weekends to homework. It was an amazing experience for me to watch Alek fall in love with the fire service. I can’t think of many people that do what they love for work and it brought me so much joy to see all of Alek’s hard work and lost summer pay off with such a huge reward: finding himself in exactly the right place.

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