Giddy-Up! | July 2010

I took this picture to prove that I went on at least one hike this summer. (Oh, alright! I only went on one hike this summer!! Sheesh.)

My family has created a bunch of traditions around the 4th of July weekend and I LOVE them all because they’re each such a slice of Americana. This year, we started out with a neighborhood parade, complete with a pancake breakfast at a local park. Then it was off to the Oakley Rodeo. We all try to cowboy it up.

This year Baby G could walk and would not be tamed at any event for any longer than it took for her to quench her thirst.

Ed’s Mom lives on the Salt Lake Country club and she has extended the invitation to her annual 4th of July gala to our family. There is a huge BBQ followed by Bocce ball until the sun goes down. Then we all wander out onto the green for the huge fireworks show, which is the best way to cap off the holiday weekend.

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