Christmas is Love | December 2010

This year my theme for Christmas is “Christmas is Love”. I don’t usually have a theme for Christmas because, well, that would do my head in, but for some reason everything came together this year under a big fat juicy red heart. I have found out in the last few years that there is so much love out there in the world for me, and so much love that I can give back, well, let’s just say I’m just a big ol‘ ball of love right now.

I wanted to share some of our favorite moments from this year (and I am determined to focus on this one blog next year so as to have some small hope of keeping it up to date), but in case you don’t want to read all of the 2010 posts (can’t say I blame you), here is a quick update on us:

Alek has been insanely over the top crazy busy this year. He transferred to UVU in January, got his EMT while taking a full class load, graduated from the Recruit Candidate Academy over the summer and was accepted into Paramedic school starting January 2011. He will finish paramedic school in August and will then have his Bachelor’s degree in addition to all of his Firefighter and Paramedic Certifications. Whoop! Oh, and he was offered TWO firefighter internships this semester (and took them both of course!). Oh, and he bought a paint company and is partnering up with another paint company and is now just bidding and selling projects. Oh, and he has been hired as an adjunct Motorcycle Safety instructor at Salt Lake Community College. Oh, and he was promoted by Harley Davidson to Network Quality Instructor and will be traveling around the western U.S. to audit their Rider’s Edge Motorcycle Safety courses. Whew!

– I was offered a dream job at Adobe in Orem. I was very very happy at Control4, but when I moved to Utah, Adobe was #1 on my list of companies I wanted to work for and when they called, I felt like I had to answer! I absolutely love what I’m doing and am learning so much. So I will just have to settle for drinking Bling Blings at the Oyster Bar with my Control4 mates every couple of weeks. I ran three half-marathons and the Wasatch Back Ragnar last year. I am signed up for the same races in 2011, only this time, I SWEAR I am actually going to train for them.

– Our biggest, happiest news is that we are ENGAGED!! WHOOP!! The plan is to get married when Alek is done with school and we can plan a good long getaway. And that pretty much sums up all of the wedding planning we’ve had time to do.

We are so so blessed to be healthy and happy and together. We could not do any of this without the immeasurable love and support from our friends and family. We wish you nothing but happiness and big wild crazy ridiculous LOVE in 2011.

Natalie & Alek

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