Brush With Fame | January 2010

OK, so technically this happened in late December 2009, but it’s still one of my favorite moments from the last year because it’s my only brush with fame. We were at the grand opening of the ARIA Resort & Casino at CityCenter in Las Vegas. There was WAY TOO MUCH champagne and WAY TOO LITTLE food, which ordinarily would not be a problem, except we were there for work and needed to keep it somewhat together until the casino opened at midnight. ANYWAY, we spotted Rex Lee (a.k.a. Lloyd from Entourage) and being that we’d had too much champagne and too little food, we decided to ask him for a picture. He was quite lovely about our request. What you don’t see in this picture is that I have a full glass of wine in my hand. After we thanked him for his time Lisa’s wedding ring somehow got caught in the rim of my glass (I probably stumbled into her) and it tipped out of my hand and SHATTERED on the floor, splattering wine (WHITE, THANK GOD) all over Lloyd’s, I mean Rex’s foot. Luckily there were about 50,000 ARIA employees around and it was cleaned up before I could even close my jaw, which had dropped open with the utter shock and embarrassment of shattering my wine all over the lovely Lloyd, I mean Rex.
At the end of the month, Super Bowl Sunday to be exact, I ran the Huntington Beach Half Marathon with my friend Lisa. We did it for the sweet surf board medals. Lisa’s husband Scott and Alek came down and we rented a house on Newport Beach for the weekend. It had been raining all weekend and our rental car (and pretty much all of the cars surrounding us) got stuck, and I mean STUCK on the side of the Pacific Coast Highway. Luckily Scott had some buddies with a HUGE truck that not only came to our rescue, they invited us to a Super Bowl party complete with a topless cocktail waitress. Lisa and I fell asleep approximately 10 minutes after we arrived.

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