Boo-Ya! | October 2010

This is what we were wearing when we found out Alek was getting into Paramedic school. OK, not really, but we were carrying these costumes around when we got the news. I was so excited when Alek pulled the packet out of the mailbox that I damn near dropped that Mr. Peanut costume.

I ran the Provo Halloween Half Marathon with Lisa and Lindsay. We decided to go 80’s for our costumes and Lindsay fully committed by wearing a thong leotard for the race. Lindsay is incredibly fit, probably because she eats the exact same healthy meals every day, only has sweets on the weekends and works out 60-90 minutes before work and does events like century bicycle rides on the weekends just for fun. (Note to self: Be more like Lindsay.) She finished a half Ironman in 2010 and I’m guessing she’s on her way to a full Ironman in the next couple of years. The point is, the girl can pull off a thong leotard.

This was a super fun race because it started on the beautiful Alpine Loop at Sundance and ended at the bottom of Provo Canyon. But the best part was the 2 mile walk back to our car at the end (we didn’t want to wait for the shuttle bus). Keep in mind that we were in PROVO. You know, the home of BYU. And we walked 2 miles on busy streets with Lindsay in a bright green thong leotard. Yes, we got honked at. Yes, it was awesome.

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