Birthday at the Barn | April 2010

In April, I ran the Salt Lake Half marathon for the 2nd time with my friends Lisa and Tiffany. I love this 1/2 because is 99% downhill and the weather has been PERFECT the last two years.

Joining our crew this year was my friend Chelsea. Chelsea fights MMA and is in fantastic shape. This was her first half marathon and she told me she was just going to pick a pace and stick to it. She picked a pretty good clip and I kept up with her for the whole race and almost had a personal record for a half marathon. Little did I know from her calm, cool demeanor that Miss Chelsea was absolutely miserable from about mile 8 on. I guess that’s what they teach you at the MMA clubs – don’t ever show how much pain you’re really in. She was a trouper but I think I’ve pretty much ruined Chelsea on running forever.

For my birthday this year I wanted everyone to go with me to the farm where we buy our CSA meat for their open house. So Mom, Dad, Janaan, Baby G, Alek and I went out there for the afternoon. It was fun to spend time with everyone and G loved it. I know it’s a weird birthday wish, but hey, it’s what I wanted to do and people should indulge you on your birthday right?

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