A Really High Ladder is Climbed | August 2010

In August, the RCA hosted a family night a few days prior to graduation. It was so fun to meet the guys that Alek had been talking about all summer and to see them in action.

Mmmm. Me and Alek in front of a burned out car. Alright.

It doesn’t look like it in this picture, but this ladder was REALLY high.

This poor, headless dummy has seen more than its fair share of action.

I was so proud of Alek at his graduation. (And it was really fun to see him before midnight for the first time in months!!)

The Crusty Bastards like to make fun of our obsession with balloons, but don’t they just make every occasion more fun??

Alek carpooled to the RCA with Andrew and Paul. I have this feeling they’ll all end up working together and be friends for life. Even just the friends for life part will be great because these guys are seriously cool. Andrew will be in paramedic school with Alek next semester. And yes, Alek does have a black eye in this picture. Why is that? Well, because he asked Chelsea to punch him in the face because he’d never been punched in the face before. (No comment as to whether or not alcohol was involved in that request.)

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